Unity means to bring together as a whole or the joining of things to make one or to make complete.


The book of Ephesians is about “In him” or “In Christ”.  We find in the pages of this letter (Ephesians)  a “bringing together” of all people from different backgrounds into the ONE BODY.

  • Chapter 1- Heaven, we will be with God.
  • Chapter 2- Church, we will be together with Jesus
  • Chapter 3- Mystery, the Gospel is for every race.
  • Chapter 4- Unity, we are all parts called to be one whole body
  • Chapter 5- Relationships, unity with Christians, our spouse, our children (family).
  • Chapter 6- Whole armor of God, we can fight away the devil.

Jesus was so good at bringing parts together to form a whole, even people who detested him were united with one another. What I mean is, the Herodians (a political Jewish party), the Sadducees and the Pharisees where constantly divided against one another. They all came together as a whole to take Jesus to the cross.

On a more positive note, I was taking a new Christian to our home for lunch and he said “Your going to receive a lot of treasure in heaven for being a missionary.” My response was, “I’m enjoying a lot of treasure right now! I have wonderful friends all around the world because of Christ.”

I can’t understate how wonderful it is to be able to have family, homes to sleep in, and food to eat in all the places I go.

Jesus brings all the parts together as a whole. I’m a part and so are you.

-Chad (Makori)

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