I am standing with Jackson Luvale. Although he calls himself “Simba” , which means lion.  He told me he is a “small lion.” Simba is in his 50’s and from the Luhya tribe. The Luhya people are Bantu people living North of Kisumu. Bantu means their ancestors have migrated from what is known today as the Democratic Republic of Congo (central Africa). The Luhya people speak a Bantu language called Luhya but also like to speak in Swahili.  Swahili is the national language of Kenya and considered a Bantu language, which comes easier to the Luhyas. The Luhya tribe is also known for being a more peaceful people, but more especially they are known for their favorite food,  chicken.

Notice Simba is wearing a head convering, indicating that he belongs to the African Isreal Church Nineveh which formed in Kenya Janary 1, 1942. Not only does he belong to the church, but he is the minister of one of the local congregations in Butere. We had a Bible study whereby he stated that he  believes and teaches that one must be baptized to be saved, but the baptism is a Holy Spirit baptism. They also practice baptizing adults in water and do not practice infant baptism.  For instance, the African Isreal Church Nineveh is led by the minister, but co-lead by his wife, they are ordained together. They worship on Fridays were they believe members should repent because that is the day they remember Jesus died for their sins. They believe that Sunday is a holy day outside of the church.

We had a Bible study together about the church from the Bible. How the church really began in Jerusalem and was prophecied to do so (Isaiah 2:2-3) and fulfilled in (Acts 2:5-47). He asked us to kindly come teach at his congregation, which James Mokeba, a great friend of mine is prepared to do. James is a preacher of the Gospel for the Church of Christ and is also from the Luhya tribe.

Thank you for taking time to read about the Luhya people!

Chad Makori



1 thought on “NEW TRIBES—NEW FACES

  1. Sandra OTR-Kenya January 3, 2019 — 3:55 pm

    thanks for sending this. You are doing a wonderful job taking the message of GOD to so many tribes in Kenya. May GOD protect you throughout this journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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