New Tribes New Faces

Pictured above is David Oyona.  He is from the Luo tribe. The Luo people are Nilotes descending from the Nile river. They journeyed to Lake Victoria (Kenya) and became great fishermen. They love to eat fish! They also love their language (native tongue) so much.

I studied with David for about an hour about the church found in the Bible. One of his family members is a member of the Church of Christ.  David is associated with “Jesus the Redeemer” church.  He was  very interested in finishing the church building he was building. When I told him that we were not going to help him build his church building, but that obedience to the gospel comes from the heart and is a spiritual, faith filled journey, he decided to that out study would go no further. We hugged and prayed together. It was all on good terms.

I asked him to stay in touch with my friends in the area who could study with him at any time. Let’s pray for David!

-Chad Makori

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