How light is your luggage?

How do experienced missionaries travel?

One of my friends, Haley, said to me, “ I want to pack like a missionary.” I told her,            “ Exprieienced missionaries pack light.” On a two week mission, I took two backpacks and I came back with one and that one was half the weight it was when I left.

Why do I pack light?

  1. Carrying heavy luggage or multiple suit cases is a hassle.
  2. Luggage is weight; weight gets heavy and heavy gets exhausting.

When you arrive at your destination abroad, you have to fit all your luggage in buses, taxis, domestic airlines etc.. Your mind can get pretty crazy just trying figuring out where luggage will fit!

Really, the main reason I pack light is because I travel a lot and I’m tired. So, I become efficient. Further, as you season in your traveling experiences, you realize how much you can do without or buy when you get there!

In most cases, I may bring an extra bag or a checked bag “for the work”. That checked bag is filled with books, Bibles, Bible tracts or other mission related items. I leave that bag behind on the field. I usually pack a few days worth of clothes and ask my local friends to help me with laundry. Traveling is an adventure and a great time to trust in God to provide for me. Traveling is also wearisome; the lighter the load, the easier the travel!

-Chad Makori

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