Everyone Needs Someone

Tony Wallace discipled me from the begining. I was in college and wanted to “grow up”. Amanda and I wanted to move in the same direction (being a resposbile adult). We met Tony. He studied with us for three weeks. He baptized us and continued to disciple us.

Riyanyamesa Church of Christ 2019

Tony and I continue to look for “Just One” more person to teach. My hear is beyond joyful that we work together in Kenya. There are not too many people who can love God, be dynamic, love people, continue to be sound and staunch with scriptures and see the church from the Bible (clearly). All of that in one person….is it possible? Yes, Tony is living proof.

I continue to look up to him as he Balances life despite the fact that life changes. I just wanted to take a brief moment to say, “Thank you Tony!”

-Chad Makori

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